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TEDxTitech – Northen Europe x Startups

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Hello everyone. My name is Takaaki Yoshikawa. I come from Osaka and live in Oslo, Norway as a legal expat. You might think “why did he move to Norway when they don’t even have better sushi than Japan?” It’s true, they don’t. But even so, I live in Norway and work for a Norwegian startup tech company called Vivaldi Technologies because I wanted to. When I tell my friends in Japan that I live in […] for Japanese learners

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Yesterday, I met one of my friends who is learning Japanese. He thankfully downloaded Vivaldi and started setting it up after I recommended it. One of the first things he did was add as a Web Panel. I’d actually seen the page before – yes, it’s one of the most popular Japanese-English dictionaries out there. I’ve seen some of my other friends using it. He wanted to look up the letter 矯, which I […]

Ninja searching using a POST request

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Just another Vivaldi tip. When you download Vivaldi, it has DuckDuckGo as one of the pre-added search engines. In the address field or after calling Quick Commands, try searching something by starting the search term with “d “, and you’ll see the icon of DuckDuckGo (a duckie with a dicky bow). It’s one of the few search engines out there which allows you to use POST method (most search engines only work by GET method), and […]